Combing special operations and working K9’s is the marrying of two things I’m most passionate about. In this episode I sit down with Benito Olsen, former K9 handler attached to SEAL team 6 for numerous combat deployments and remarkably harrowing stories of missions he’s conducted with dogs overseas. These stories are gripping, raw, and incredible. The emotions brought during this episode managed to overcome us both and I’m very honored to bring this showcasing of how important the dogs are to our special operations troops.

With all of the current political infighting about border security, the wall, and human trafficking – this episode is a timely and important one. I sat down with Dr. Jason Piccolo, long time border patrol and federal agent to discuss his book “Unwavering” and talk about all things border operations and politics. There were many details and specifics that I learned in this one, and it gives great insight into both the day to day issues facing our border agents as well as the macro big picture on the political scale.

Unwavering: A Border Agent’s Journey From Hunter to Hunted