Have you ever wondered how our nations most elite counter terrorism strength and conditioning coaches get those pipe hitters in world class shape? Imagine one who also spent years as a tier one operator himself, then became that same units lead mofo to condition those guys. Good news- you don’t have to imagine. This episode I sit down with former Navy SEAL and CSCS Jeff Nichols @jeffcscs to talk about both his time in the teams as well as becoming the lead human performance coach in the community. A ton of good useful tips on health and fitness with of course the Mike Drop style deepness ensuing for yet another fascinating interview, enjoy!

What does a former Navy SEAL and a real housewife of Beverly Hills have in common? More than you would think… this episode I sit down with my good friend and protection dog client, the one and only “the pretty mess” aka Erika Jayne. In true Mike Drop fashion no punches are pulled and I ask her what I want to and how I want to ask her about her life and how it is to be the star of a hit TV reality show.  Never a dull moment in this one!