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Is your dog your best friend, or your worst nightmare?

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Learn how to train your dog at home and help him or her to become the ultimate companion and best friend…
with Mike Ritland.

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Meet Mike Ritland

After 12 years of active duty as a U.S. Navy SEAL, Mike Ritland became a BUD/S instructor. He also started his own company, Trikos International, to train dogs professionally and to work with the SEAL teams as a multi-purpose K9 trainer.

Mike has over 18 years of experience importing, breeding, raising, and training working dogs.

Today he continues to train working and protection dogs. Clients include the Homeland Security, U.S. Customs, Border Patrol, TSA and the DoD. He also provides working and protection dogs to private citizens.

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Mike Ritland, Team Dog

You can tell the measure of a man, his heart, the depth of his soul when kids and animals love them! You are a intrinsically great man, Mike Ritland. Thank you for serving our country as an awesome warrior and bless you caring for these fur ball warriors!


Mike’s Books

Team Dog mike ritland book cover

Team Dog

In Team Dog, Mike Ritland explains how to gain your dog’s trust and achieve any level of obedience.

Learn how to choose the perfect dog for your household. Establish yourself as the team leader. Master command and control.

And solidify your dog’s position as your family’s ultimate best friend.

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Navy SEAL Dogs mike riland book cover


A true story, Navy SEAL Dogs explores the relationship between trainer and military dog.

Get an inside look at the SEAL teams’ elite K9 warriors. Who they are. How they train. The extreme missions they undertake.

Read how Mike Ritland became the trainer of our nation’s elite military working dogs.

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Trident K9 Warriors mike ritland book cover


A New York Times bestseller, Trident K9 Warriors gives you an inside look at these elite canines. Who they are. How they train. The extreme missions they undertake.

These dogs are among the smartest and most highly skilled working animals on the planet. Read how Mike Ritland selected these K9 warriors and trained them to go to war with the U.S. Navy SEALs.


Reader reviews of Team Dog, by Mike Ritland.

Great book! I really like how the author gets into the psyche behind training your dog. Helps you to think like your lovable pet and understand why they act the way they do. Not your ordinary dog training book, but a must for anyone considering a pet.
Jennifer R. Kamptner, Amazon.com
Just finished Mike Ritland’s “Team Dog.” I’ve been breeding and raising dogs for years – and I’ve taken back some epic training fails, so I’ve read a LOT of training books. Most of them are very repetitive and some of them use techniques no-longer-recommended. I took my time reading it because it’s very dense in good material. Mike breaks it down into easily digestible bits. Many points took basic training to a new level. And there were things I kinda knew, but had never analyzed for use – more my instinctual response to dog’s tells. It’s just come out in paperback, so It’s about half the cost of the book I bought. But mine will have a permanent home on my shelf of recommended books for my clients.
Deborah Mitchell, Amazon.com
Mike Ritland is a former Navy Seal who is still serving all of us by writing a book for everyday dogs and their families. What makes this book so ground-breaking is that both Ritland and the US Military implement and support positive-reinforcement training for the most highly-trained dogs on the planet. Statistics show that military dogs train faster and with better results without negative reinforcement. Leash jerking, shock-collars, submission, and other physical corrections are not being used to train the elite dogs of the armed forces, yet this outdated, harmful methodology is still offered by breeders/trainers everywhere.
An excellent overview of applying positive reinforcement to earn your dogs loyalty. I look forward to enriching the relationship with my dog by applying these principles.
Jose Lugo, Amazon.com
Very informative with practical advise that anyone can implement. Quick and easy to read, and the anecdotes made it not boring, and also helped to demonstrate the tactics.
DH_JMC, Amazon.com
Extremely insightful not only for people looking for information on dog training but also to bring out the best in the reader. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is I would have like examples of how he teaches basic commands like sit, down, etc
John F., Amazon.com
I think everyone could learn something from this book. Those new to owing a dog, those thinking of getting one, as well as people who have had dogs for years. This book touches on a lot of topics so some don’t go into crazy detail on any one subject but still provides a lot of quality information. I often refer back to it for pointers on working with my Malinois puppy.
Matt Snipes, Amazon.com
Good read and I never read books sad to say. I learned a lot and use some of his methods when working/ training my dogs.
G. Fleury, Amazon.com
I LOVED this book to the point where I became slightly obsessed with it ????. I told my husband that I’m going to become a Navy SEAL dog handler, but then he told me that I wouldn’t be allowed to wear makeup on the job, so that was the end of that. Sigh. But back to the book… it’s a really fun read with great stories and most importantly, it provides real solutions to the most common behavioral issues, from how to teach your dog not to chew the furniture to silencing the incessant barker. Whoever gave this book anything less than five stars is probably just jealous that they didn’t write this book. I get it, I’m jealous too, but I’m going to still write an honest review. Rise above the jealousy, that’s what I say.
Heidi Shertok, Amazon.com

Mike’s Company: Trikos International

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Expert Training for Personal Protection Dogs

Trikos International provides working K9s to a host of different clients worldwide, including DHS, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol, TSA, DoD and private individuals.

Mike Ritland has trained hundreds of working dogs, and specializes in training protection dogs, military working dogs, police K9s and behavior modification for house pets.

Trikos dogs are tested and retested in a variety of social and environmental situations. We train dogs to integrate into your household and daily life, where you need them most!

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